ADP Program Format

Weekly Format



2x 60 minute practices a week



Mixture of 4v4 and 5v5 games on a Saturday



In-house and game days vs other local clubs


Why Small Side Games


The goal of VSA is by using 4v4/5v5 small sided games we will eventually recreate the playing environments for our children in which the world’s greatest players first

learned and developed the skill required to be top-level performers:

 – Plenty of individual possession, ball control and touches

 – Trying new skills without fear, ridicule, or recrimination

 – Taking players on and challenging defenders

 – Little or no pressure from significant others

 – A vibrant, creative and fun atmosphere


Statistics do not lie  - Taken From Manchester United Pilot Scheme


On Average 4v4/5v5 versus 7v7/8v8 had:

1. 135% more passes

2. 260% more Scoring Attempts

3. 500% more Goals Scored

4. 225% more 1v1 Encounters 

5. 280% more Dribbling Skills (tricks)


Transition to U9 travel


The U8 program will provide a great transition to U9 Travel Soccer. Instead of playing with 7 players on the field, offside and referees, we can better control the

environment with fewer players on the field (5v5), providing more touches on the ball in a game situation and more of a focus on using skill and working on

fundamentals we practiced during the week. The U8 program will ultimately prepare the players better for U9 Travel and beyond.




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